Blue Ridge Injury Law

Blue Ridge Injury Law

Hear attorney Stephen Chance talk about how his firm represented the victim of a truck wreck. Note: Although Blue Ridge Injury Law co-counsels with Lourie, Chance, Forlines, Carter & King, PC, the firms are different. Nothing on this website is intended to suggest that our relationship with that firm is more than a co-counsel relationship […]

Lance Lourie with LOURIE, CHANCE, FORLINES, CARTER & KING, PC is one of the attorneys we work with on a regular basis. Listen to Lance speak about his passion for helping others. Note: Although Blue Ridge Injury Law co-counsels with Lourie, Chance, Forlines, Carter & King, PC, the firms are different. Nothing on this website […]

The Department of Justice filed a 140 page complaint against a group of nursing homes alleging the care they provided was worthless and that funds paid by Medicare and Medicaid should be recouped. The Complaint alleges the Defendants caused or risked causing serious physical and emotional harm to their residents, who were elderly, disabled, and […]

On April 13, 2023, the Centers for Medicare Advocacy asked “Is the Nursing Home Industry Irrevocably Changed?” It noted that a report, the 2023 Senior Living Industry Pulse, reported sharp declines in nursing home usage, particularly since the outbreak of COVID-19. The Certer also noted Medicare has spent more on home care than nursing home […]

Federal nursing home regulations require that nursing homes: Conduct a comprehensive and accurate assessment of each resident’s functional capacity. 42 CFR § 483.20 Develop a comprehensive care plan for each resident. 42 CFR § 483.21 Employ a sufficient nursing staff. 42 CFR § 483.35 Provide, if the resident is unable to carry out activities of […]

On April 24, 2023, LawyersWeekely reported that Shine Lawyers, a national plaintiff’s firm, filed a class action on behalf of 25 people whose family members died from COVID-19. The complaint alleges the death were the result of negligence. An attorney with that firm was quoted saying “Death was a sad reality of the pandemic, but […]

If an assisted living facility is negligent, and that negligence leads to someone’s injuries, you can seek justice by suing them for negligence.  Assisted living facilities are responsible for their employees, so if an employee harms you, you can hold them accountable. Facilities should have safe, accessible living spaces, including bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, outdoor areas, […]

Serious injuries can be permanentl and life-altering. They can limit your ability to function or manage daily care needs. Common serious injuries include paralysis or a spinal cord injury that does not result in paralysis, an amputation, a catastrophic burn, disfiguring scars and traumatic brain injuries. Other life changes include loss of income because you […]

As its name implies, the term “wrongful death” describes a type of lawsuit brought when someone’s life is taken as a result of another person’s carelessness. Most wrongful death suits arise out of car and truck crashes, nursing home neglect, medical malpractice, construction accidents, airplane accidents, or the use of a defective or dangerous product. […]

The negligence of doctors, nurses, hospitals, and other medical professionals can, and often do, cause serious injuries. There are many different types of medical malpractice, including misdiagnosis, improper treatment, surgical errors, medication mistakes, pharmacy errors, birth injury (errors committed during the delivery of a child), and failure to diagnose serious health conditions. Medical malpractice cases […]

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