Assisted Living Negligence

If an assisted living facility is negligent, and that negligence leads to someone’s injuries, you can seek justice by suing them for negligence.  Assisted living facilities are responsible for their employees, so if an employee harms you, you can hold them accountable. Facilities should have safe, accessible living spaces, including bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, outdoor areas, and common rooms. When these premises are not kept reasonably safe, or there is a known hazard and the facility does not correct it quickly, they could be considered negligent. Although ALFs do not provide the same level of supervision as a nursing home, they are required to supervise residents and take action when appropriate. They may be negligent for failing to assist residents with basic needs, such as nutrition, hydration and hygiene. If a resident is injured, they may be liable for failing to see timely and appropriate medical care.

If you or someone you love was injured at an assisted living facility, call us to see whether we can help.

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