Nursing Home Negligence and Injuries

Nursing Home negligence occurs when a nursing home is should provide certain goods or services and they don’t. For example, if a resident is admitted without pressure ulcers (also called decubitus ulcers), nursing homes are supposed to them from forming. If a resident is at risk for falling, nursing home are supposed to take precautions. If medication is prescribed, nursing homes are supposed to make sure the resident gets the right medicaton at the right time. And, of course, nursing homes are supposed to make sure residents receive proper nutrition and hydration. When nursing homes fall short, people get hurt and you have the right to know what went wrong.

There are also times when injuries occur that are not what we call neglect. For example, if someone strikes or sexually assaults your loved one, that’s an intentional tort. The nursing home may be negligent for providing inadequate supervision or for negligently hiring bad actors as employees, but these injuries merit special attention.

As we build this website, we’re going to provide much more information regarding your rights and how to seek justice. Keep reading because there’s more to come.

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